Ok so finally I kinda have the time to post something here!!! Work has been keeping me so so busy. T.T
I hope my LJ friends have been fine! Sorry that I haven't been commenting on any of your posts. :((

Anyway, time for updates!!

I saw 2PM last night!!! OMG. I almost peed my pants in excitement. And I almost cried, but I told myself to get a grip. So I kind of did get some grip and enjoyed them. 2PM looked absolutely perfect. So goddamn handsome. And very glad to hear that they sound as good live!
Besides 2PM, I also saw 2AM again, Beast, Mblaq and Miss A. These groups are all my favourite Kpop groups right now (besides FTI, of course), so last night was pure awesome. One of the best nights of my life. Srsly.
Ok I could go on and on about last night. But let's just leave it at that. :)

Secondly, I am leaving for Japan tonight!!! WHEEE!~~~~~~ The long-awaited trip is finally here. Gonna be breathing the same air as Arashi can you believe it?? Gahhh. Even I can believe it. Japan has been my dream since I was in secondary school. And to be able to go there now is like a little bit overwhelming actually. Hehe. Very, very glad and nervous also. Very nervous actually. I don't even know why.
Gonna try to go to all the places that I want to go. Hope I can cover them all. Will be in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo over 15 days. It is quite a squeeze but I will try to cover whatever I can manage! :))))

Meanwhile, you guys stay safe and warm and happy alright?? If you're having a vacation from school or work atm, rest well!
See you guys again real soon!!!
I promise to update after the trip if I can find the time!!! <3


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 Oh God, how I have missed LJ!! How are you guys doing??

I'm only sneaking a peek into this place for a little bit. Not gonna be able to backtrack the times I was away. ;_; 
Work has been crazy. Trying to settle down, settle in, remember the million and one things I have to do, trying to not forget them. Sigh. 

Don't know when I can fully be back and active here in LJ. :( I rly miss Arashi and their shows. Gotta make some time during the weekends if I can. 

Meanwhile, take care you guys!! I will be back!!!


My exam results were released yesterday. I have officially passed my final exams for my degree. But a little upset because I missed a higher class honours by a mere 0.14 points. FFFF. I was so closeeeeeee. Damn. But all's done! So I shall fret no more. 

And Arashi's winter concert dates are out!!!! 


the dates are not really friends with my schedule. Tskkkk. The dates in November are too early for me. And so are the December dates. SIGH. If I really am adamant about trying for the Dec dates, I might have to sacrifice/postpone my JLPT this year. OMG. 
I really have some serious thinking to do, cos I have always planned to attend their concert this year, no matter what it takes. 
Idek anymore now. Sigh. 

Decisions, decisions. 

Arashi in 3D!!

So I used the 3D glasses that came with the copy of yesterday's Straits Times (local paper) and watched Arashi's 3D Sakura Sake. 
And it really worked!!! Hahaha. Really exciting to see them coming out of the screen, feels as if you could hold them. LOL. 


you think?

Any opinions on the likelihood of Arashi holding a concert end this year?

I'm really hoping against hope that there are shows planned. Sho also mentioned somewhere, I can't remember where tho, that they would be having a concert tour again this year...

But so far, nothing's been announced. On one hand, I'm bummed by the possibility of them not having concerts this year cos there goes my chance of attending one this year. Grrrr.
On the other hand, I would really sympathize with them if there are going to be shows. 
Seeing how busy they are with teevee shows and all, now that they have prolly reached stardom/popularity levels akin to SMAP in their heyday, they are going to be dead exhausted - if they can even find the time to be. 

Oh well. 
say wertt

woohoo!~ new releases galore!

Since the teaser for 2PM's latest single was released, I am just feeling soo hyper in anticipation for next week! Omg. The teaser for Without U looked so darn good. So emo.
They looked so emotionally tormented that, it's sexy. Don't ask me how that works. lol.

And my itchy ears couldn't resist. So I dl-ed a copy of Arashi's Monster ripped from Aiba's Recomen. -.-. And amidst all the reviews that I see online, I think I quite like the song! ^_^. It's a little different, yes. But Arashi being Arashi pulls it off. I can't wait for the choreography tho. 

At least I don't have to implode from massive anticipation now that I have already listened to Monster. Hehe. 


ok. back to my notes. i am seriously going to miss mugging for exams. :((

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I watched the whole 4 hours of the 5x10 Anniversary Tour concert DVD two nights ago. 
And I think this was the concert I enjoyed the most. 8D

Collapse )

On another note,  I can't wait for 22nd April. 
  • Last exam paper!
  • Dad's birthday!
  • 2PM's comeback!!
sidenote. google chrome kills LJ posts. >:|


My copy of the 5x10 Tour DVD came last Wednesday.. 
I told myself that I would only watch it after this coming Monday, cos that's when the last assignments (of my university life!!) are due. 

So the concert would be sth like a treat for me b4 I get to mugging for exams..
But I couldn't resist.

So I sneaked a peek.
Just one clip. 
I watched the 5x10 performance. 

It was so touching. 
The expressions on all their faces, their voices, they look they had in their eyes. 
That was a performance filled with sincerity and gratitude. 
One that definitely came from their hearts. 

And because that was the first time I had seen a performance delivered with so much heartfelt emotions, I cried. 
And that was the first time in 10 years that Arashi has made me cry like that.